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The Institute of History of the Slovak Academy of Sciences was established in 1943 as an institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and Arts. Into the Slovak academy of sciences (SAS) it was incorporated on June 18th, 1953. In accordance with the resolution n. 725 by the chairmanship of the SAS from March 23rd, 1982, the institute was with the applicability since June 1st, 1982 renamed into the Institute of Historical Sciences. With the resolution n. 39 by the chairmanship of SAS from March 22nd, 1990 it was renamed into the Institute of History of the SAS. In the amendment n. 2 of the Founding Charter from January 14th, 1999 it is stated: “Institute of History of the Slovak Academy of Sciences has been established as a budgetary organization of the Slovak Academy of Sciences for indefinite period.” As a result of the initiative of the SAS Chairmanship to improve the research environment of the organization, the Centre of excellence at the Institute of History started to carry out its activities on January 1st, 2003. Its members were selected in an audition. As a part of the 5th Framework Program of Marie Curie Fellowship for Doctoral Students in History, exchange of PhD. students between six European training institutions is taking place.

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