Michal Kšiňan from the Institute of History of SAS was appointed a knight of the Council of Academic Palms

Michala Kšiňana z Historického ústavu SAV menovali rytierom Radu Akademických paliem

At the beginning of this June, J.E. Pascal le Deunff, the ambassador of the French Republic in Slovakia, appointed three leading francophone personalities from the scientific, university and pedagogical environment as knights of the Council of Academic Palms – among them Mgr. Michal Kšiňana, PhD., from the Institute of History of SAS and a member of the SAV Presidium.

Michal Kšiňan, a leading Slovak historian, is intensively involved in Franco-Slovak academic cooperation. He is also known as the author of the book Milan Rastislav Štefánik – The Man Who Talked to the Stars, the first scientific biography of this important figure in Slovak history. It was published in English, French and soon also in Czech translation. The row of Academic palm trees is a huge satisfaction for Michal Kšiňan. “It is a huge honor and satisfaction for me. My thanks go to everyone who accompanied and supported me in my academic adventures,” said the historian at the award. J.E. Pascal le Deunff highlighted in his speech when presenting the award the merits of Michal Kšiňan for the development of French-Slovak scientific relations, as well as the work of the historian, which enables a better mutual understanding of Slovaks and French.

Other awardees were Zuzana Calvet, a leading figure in francophone education and associations in Slovakia, and Marián Giba, professor of constitutional law at the Faculty of Law of the Comenius University, chairman of the executive committee of the IUFS association, adviser to two presidents of the Slovak Republic.

The Academic Palms are a French honor whose history dates back to the time of Emperor Napoleon, to 1808. It is the oldest exclusively civilian award for distinguished members of the university. According to the decree from 1955, the award can be given to a person who for more than ten years has shown significant services in the field of science and education and the like or has contributed to the enrichment of cultural heritage.

Edited by: Andrea Nozdrovicka

Photo: vladivlad.com/Vladimír Pauco