Historický ústav SAV
Department of Architecture Slovenská verzia

Research activities of the Department of architecture are aimed at 20th and 21st century architecture and town planning with special focus on cultural, social, political and economic contexts as well as at the evaluation, documentation and restoration of modern movement buildings and sites. During the last years special attention was paid to the impact of totalitarian and authoritarian regimes on architecture, to the modern architecture and town planning concepts and their coexistence and conflicts with traditional town and to the role of women in 20th century architecture. The Department of architecture collaborates regularly with the Monuments Board of the Slovak republic and with the DOCOMOMO International.

The Head of the Department:

prof. Dr. Ing. arch. Henrieta Moravčíková prof. Dr. Ing. arch. Henrieta Moravčíková
Fields of scientific interest: history and theory of architecture of the 20th century, protection of the architectural heritage of modernism, critique of architecture
E-mail: henrieta.moravcikova@savba.sk
Phone: +421 02 5930 9230


PhDr. Katarína Haberlandová, PhD. PhDr. Katarína Haberlandová, PhD.
Fields of scientific interest: history of architecture of the 20th century with emphasis on the interwar period and industrial architecture, history and theory of architectural protection of the modern movement and industrial heritage, critique of contemporary architecture
E-mail: katarina.haberlandova@savba.sk
Phone: +421 02 5930 9225

Mgr. Peter Szalay, PhD. Peter Szalay, PhD.
Fields of scientific interest: history and theory of architecture and urbanism of the 20th and 21st centuries in the Central European region from an artistic-historical point of view with an overlap into broader socio-political topics, the relationship between architecture and power, history and theory of care for modern heritage, and critique of architecture
E-mail: peter.szalay@savba.sk
Phone: +421 02 5930 9296

Ing. arch. Laura Pastoreková, PhD. Ing. arch. Laura Pastoreková Krišteková, PhD.
Fields of scientific interest: history and theory of architecture of the 20th and 21st centuries, with a focus on the architecture of military buildings and research on urban structure and the history of city planning, as well as criticism of contemporary architecture and the protection of modern architectural heritage
E-mail: laura.pastorekova@savba.sk
Phone: +421 02 5930 9220

Ing. arch. Monika Bočková, PhD. Ing. arch. Monika Bočková, PhD.
Fields of scientific interest: urban history in relation to rivers, modern urban planning and the heritage of architectural modernism in Slovakia, critical writing on contemporary architecture
E-mail: monika.bockova@savba.sk
Phone: +421 02 5930 9220

Doctoral students:

Mgr. Gabriela Smetanová
Theme: Author’s conceptions in the European architecture of the first half of the 20th century
E-mail: gabriela.smetanova@savba.sk
Phone: +421 02 5292 5753 line 19

Mgr. Karolína Králiková
Theme: A Slovak Variant of Modernism? Identifying Characteristic Features of Public Building Architecture and Infrastructure in the Second Half of the 20th Century in Slovakia
E-mail: karolina.kralikova@savba.sk
Phone: +421 02 5292 5753 line 19

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